Future Services will only be Open if the Software is Open. OS4OS stands for Open Source for Open Services.

Primary objective of our community targets large-scale End-to-End (E2E) Service Platforms Test-Beds including the Server side and Service Gateways; this for our services to be closer to our (human or machine) customers for listening and giving them what they want. Service Gateways devices can be smart phones/PDAs, Set-top boxes and in-car or industrial gateways.

Something is happening …..

The sofware development is leading a new collaboration era that will further be extended into other fields.This is the right place to follow what´s happening in the Open Source Software world.

For the second time in as many months, Microsoft (Quote, Chart) has published source code for one of its projects on SourceForge, the world’s largest open-source software development repository.

The software giant announced plans to release the Windows Template Library (WTL) project on SourceForge under an externally created open-source license. The idea is to encourage a larger pool of developers to tinker with the code and improve the bug-finding process.

TechNewsWorld – USA
… Today, the Atlanta-based Web site serves more than 50 million pages
on stormy days, but it runs almost entirely on open-source software and
commodity hardware. …